Ironwatch: Tales of Fantasy

Ironwatchtales_cover_right_side_SMOL.pngFor over half a decade, Ironwatch has been one of the best sources for amazing stories and legendary epics within the world of Mantica. Now, for the first time, the collection of Ironwatch short stories is now available in collected form, and within you can find tales of deadly battles and cunning revenge, stories of horrifying mysteries and tender reunions, and legendary epics of stalwart heroes and vicious monsters.

Follow Argun as he leads his warband into the haunted caves, hear the lament of the Owl as he leads his unHolded people to forge a new homeland, and see the Order of Maurice as they attempt to make their fortunes against the arcane dangers of the Star-Struck City. There’s also the tale of Hamfist Borin the dwarf and Grubbar the goblin, the lore and legacy of horror of the Abyssal Dwarves, the tantalizing Tales from the Crippled Goose, and many, many more.

Ironwatch is a fan magazine for the Mantic games and settings, and publishes every other month. Visit our website at, and if you’d like to submit content, please feel free to drop us an email with your story, pictures, or other content at

Whether you’re a new reader or an old veteran, enjoy the Tales of Fantasy within, and Welcome to the Watch!

EPUB file – Google Drive

EPUB file – Dropbox

EPUB File – Lulu (We’re encountering difficulties editing the price, but this is identical to the epub formats offfered above)

PDF – Google Drive

PDF – Scribd

PDF – Dropbox

Hard copy from Lulu


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