Ironwatch Annual, Year One


We are pleased to announce the release of our first Ironwatch Annual, for Year One of the free Mantic Fanzine!

Started back in August of 2012, Ironwatch’s first year contained a variety of awesome content, and we’ve selected some of the cream of the crop for your reading enjoyment. Relive the exciting moments of Lazarus or the opening installment of Breach, learn about how to paint eyes on elves and craft your own Dwarven special weapons squad (complete with gore!), follow the adventures of the Weedy Elves and the excitement of the first Dreadball matches with A Word from Our Sponsors.

Please select any of the below links to view the Ironwatch Annual Year One pdf.

Annual Year One Google Docs Link (High Quality)

Annual Year One Dropbox Link (Low Quality)

Note: The Dropbox links underwent a change on the 15th of March. This shouldn’t affect the Ironwatch links, but please let us know if you encounter any broken links!

Annual Year One Scribd Link (High Quality)

Due to bandwidth issues, Dropbox files have a lower resolution. They are still perfectly enjoyable online, but those of you printing your issues for home viewing might find the images more pixelated than preferred when printing.

Please submit any comments, criticisms, ideas, or inquiries about how you too can help contribute either here in the comments below, or at the following link to the Mantic Forums “Ironwatch Annual Year One Feedback” discussion:

Ironwatch Annual Year One Feedback Discussion

Ironwatch Annual Year One Hard Copy (They’re back!)

Due to the large size of the Table of Contents, it’s below the cut:

Table of Contents:

Argun’s Luck, by Matt Gilbert         9

Argun the Orc leads his warband into a set of foreboding and elf-infested ruins

Making a Splash at the Table: River Tutorial and Scenario by Jack Evans 16

Jack shows us how to make quick and easy river terrain, as well as a scenario to use with your brand-new river terrain!

Asset Procurement Part 1, by Michael Grey 21

GCPS Marines gain the assistance of an Enforcer squad as they explore a mysterious alien ship

 Malki’s Prize: A KoW Battle Report, by  Neil Dixon 29

Follow Neil as the orc and Elf forces clash, including diagrams and photos of the battle during the game

The Owl and the Blade, Part 1, by John Hoyland 41

A disgraced dwarf attempts to find what allies he can following his exile

From Golden Orcy to Ironwatch, by Alex Visentin 48

Alex shows us his  Kings of War Undead, which won second in Mantic’s Golden Orcy painting contest

 Revenant Knights, by Alex Visentin 51

Continuing from the last issue, Alex shows off his professional-level paintjobs on his Undead cavalry

Kings of War Random Event Cards, by Stuart Smith 54

Check out this set of awesome random event cards to change up your KoW games

And Now, A Word from Our Sponsors, by Michael Grey 57

A taste into the world of Dreadball, as brought to you by hosts Gerry, Tom, and their long-suffering partner Abe

 Tân-y-loar Part I, by Matt Gilbert 64

An old man tells a child of a tale of his youth, when the fate of a human and an elf intertwined

Magic in Mantica, by Doug Newton-Walters 73

Enjoy this  great variety of alternative spells for Kings of War games

Magic in Mantica Spell Cards 81

Printable spell cards, to help keep track of all of the newly-available spells

Lazarus, by Michael Grey 88

An agent-in-hiding is called upon for a final mission of utmost secrecy

The Keep in the Forest; A Tale from the Kings of War RPG. By Jonathan Hicks 99

A thrilling tale, and companion to the Kings of War RPG rules in Issue #5

Engineering Special Weapon Corps, by Doug Newton-Walters 107

Check out this custom-made Dwarven unit, with a fun bit of story to go with!

End Transmission, by Michael Grey 110

The situation is deteriorating down below, but the survivors are only just realizing what the full scope of the emergency may be

 All the Range: Dwarf Rangers, by Neil Dixon 122

Neil discusses the tactical and modellins aspects of the Dwarven Ranger unit

Making the Special Weapons Corp, by Doug Newton-Walters 126

Learn how to make your own crazed and bloodthirsty  Dwarven Weapon Corps!

Sergeant Nero: Painting the Mantic Orc Flagger, by Darren Lysenko 133

See how a professional painter produces an amazing model, as an Iron Forge Painter discusses how they painted Sergeant Nero, an Orc Flagger on a Gore

 A Tale of Orcs and Dwarves, by Chris Cousen and Stuart Smith 145

Follow the life-and-death battle between the greenskins and the mountainfolk, and see what their generals have to say about the tactics and battle outcome

Finding Inspiration from Historical Fiction, by Neil Dixon 155

Neil discusses some sources for fictional historical battles that can be adapted to A Kings of War Scenario, as well as an example of one such Scenario

Last of the Brokkyr, by Michael Grey 160

A lone Forgefather brings a message for the Corporation, a message of vengeance

Battle of Gallohell, by  Jason Flint 173

Good and evil forces are building, in the calm before the storm

Clash of Kings: Daedleh’s Rampaging Hordes, by “Daedle” 182

This battle report covers Daedleh’s fate in a Clash of Kings tournament game

No Loose Ends,  by “sukura636” 192

Being an informant is risky enough, but Damen never expected an Enforcer

 Goreaxe Marches On, by Stuart Smith and Chris Cousen 194

An epic battle report for two battles between foul Orcs and besieged Elves

Clash of Kings, by Matt Gilbert 203

Matt, Andy, and Neil discuss how their experiences with the Clash of Kings event

How to Paint Faces, by “Zirrian” 211

A fantastic and easy tutorial for how to add eye and face detail for your models

 Raising an Army,” A new Player’s guide to Undead, by  “Dustcrusher” 214

A fantastic set of advice for players new to the various ins and outs of the units and strategies for the foul Undead forces

Breach, by Michael Grey 224

Something is amiss on the quiet, backwater colony planet

 The Iron Forge 244

A selection of fantastic professional-level painting for your favorite Mantic models

More Journeys of the Weedy Elves, by “Weedyelf” 253

Follow the continuing adventures, trials, and tribulations of this Elven army

The Haunting Promise, by Kenny Moncrieff 262

Twilight kin politics are nothing to trifle with, and assassination is but a game

 Kings of War Bestiary, by Matt Gilbert 269

A selection of some new and awesome  units and monsters to supplement your Kings of War armies

Elven Tactics, by Jason Flint 274

A great set of the strengths and weaknesses of the units for the Elven forces

The Map-A KoW Scenario, by Neil Dixon and Alistair Moore 280

Neil shows us this awesome Kings of War scenario, centering around an important and vulnerable courier

Year One Covers, by Boris Samec and Mark Smith 287

Check out the first year of Ironwatch covers



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