A Brief Update

A quick update on our upcoming non-regular-issue content!


As the response to our poll has indicated people are looking more for a curated list of content than an all-inclusive collage of the first year’s articles, we’ll be working to refine and find the best possible options for you readers out there!

However, this will slightly delay the planned release of the Year One Annual to next month. Instead, we’ll be looking to get the Basic Rules version of Quarantine out before the next issue of Ironwatch, as our editors have already looked over the rules and we’re ready to move to the next step!


Thanks for tuning in, and please be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!



2 thoughts on “A Brief Update

    • We get around 750-1K views/month, but unfortunately the response rate was incredibly low. Rather than delaying Annual Year One any further, we were going to go with the poll results and then alter the breadth of content in the Annual based on feedback to the published Annual. It’d be ideal if we could just get robust poll replies in the first place, but we were going to work with what we got and go from there.

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