Ironwatch Magazine, Issue 51

cover.pngIssue 51 of the Ironwatch magazine is now available for your reading pleasure.

Please select any of the below links to view the Ironwatch Issue 51 pdf.

Issue 51 Dropbox Link (Low Quality)

Issue 51 Scribd Link (High Quality)

Issue 51 Google Docs Link (High Quality)

Due to bandwidth issues, Dropbox files have a lower resolution. They are still perfectly enjoyable online, but those of you printing your issues for home viewing might find the images more pixelated than preferred when printing.

Please submit any comments, criticisms, ideas, or inquiries about how you too can help contribute either here in the comments below, or at the following link to the Mantic Forums “Ironwatch Issue 51 Feedback” discussion:

Ironwatch Issue 51 Feedback Discussion

Order a hard copy of Issue 51 Temporarily unavailable as we work on finishing up licensing for print-on-demand products

Table of Contents:

Iron Forge  6

See the amazing array of top tier paintjobs from our team of professional-quality painters.

The Mantic Calendar 13

Learn what Mantic related events and tournaments are upcoming in your area.

 Advertisements 93

Our section where you can advertise your local Mantic game group or store for free!

Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, and Dwarf King’s Hold:

The Order of Maurice Episode 4: Memories of a Nightmare, by Ben Stoddard    14

Jephraim is regaled by a dark tale, told by Captain Morticus as they shelter for the night

The Soulshard, by Ender Thompson 21

Mercenaries and dwarves face off against the forces of the Abyss, who seek to regain a lost artifact of power

Lords of the Dead, by Brad P. 41

Brad shows us how to make Undead Bosses for Dungeon Saga with the new Revenant and Apparition templates and abilities

Painting skeletons, by Guillaume Bertin 47

Guillaume shows how to paint Dungeon Saga’s Undead skeletons

Warpath, Project Pandora, Dreadball, and Deadzone:

How To Make Skulls, by Peter—”Tek Thornisson”         60

Peter shows us how he makes the decorative skulls and designs that decorate many of his terrain centerpieces

Deadzone: The Cleansing Part 7, by Matthew Lindsay 67

As the Plague fight elsewhere, Rylor and the Enforcers  search for the vital server, the unknown threat of Annika and her betrayal looms

Cheap Warpath Terrain, by Brad 82

Learn how to make quick and easy Warpath terrain using just a plastic sign and some cotton swabs

The GCPS, by Boz Androic 87

Boz provides a list of GCPS units you can use in your own games of Deadzone

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