A brief update

Hey everyone,

As I will be out of town for the next week and a half, the release of Issue 50 will not be until on or about October 6th/7th. I apologize for the delay, and thank you for your understanding as I work to get that issue replaced.


Some of you may have noticed that the print version of Star-Struck City is unfortunately not available at the moment; Mantic has kindly contacted us regarding offering a purchaseable version, and due to legality issues we cannot offer the current print version without getting into trouble. As a result, we are taking it down for the time being, and amending the existing free download copies with a legal boilerplate that helps protect Mantic’s trademarks in Kings of War, and credits Alessio properly for creating such a great game in the first place!

However, the print version is not gone for good: I’m currently speaking with Matt Gilbert at Mantic, and working to make sure the cost of the print version would allow us to pay royalties in the proper fashion under a Mantic license! Ideally, this will become a reality in the very near future, and we can once again offer a print version for your personal use!


One other aspect I am going to try and implement here following the release of Issue 50, is the development of an Ironwatch Team, communicating through Slack. Numerous people have contacted me over the years indicating an eagerness to help edit and proofread Ironwatch issues, but unfortunately this level of communication and back-and-forth iteration isn’t ideal on forums or email.

To work towards this, I am going to be opening a Slack channel, communicating with anyone interested in helping regarding submitted content, upcoming issue iterations, questions and formatting, Ironwatch Games development, and anything else we need. While I will try to make sure I reach out to anyone who expressed interest in helping before, if you’re interested, please contact us at ironwatchmagazine@gmail.com and let us know!

Thanks for tuning in, and Welcome to the Watch!



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