Star-Struck City Errata

This list is a collection of all changes and edits to the Star-Struck City rules. Please contact us if there are any issues you’ve found which are not listed here:

(Updated 8/15/16)

  • General: Low Resolution copies have issues with font embedding for titles due to concatenating software used, and will be edited and re-uploaded.
  • Fury Special Rule: The rule listing in the Special Rules section is incorrect. Please use the following rule in its place:
    • Fury: While Stunned, enemies attacking this model in Melee get no bonus to hit, rather than the normal +1 to hit.
  • The Statline for Deeplings in Scenario 10 have been omitted. Please use the following statline in its place:
    • Deepling – Infantry
      Unit Size..Sp..Me..Ra..De..Att..To…Gp      
      Unit (1)…..6….3+…-…4+….1….5/6..N/A
      Special: Crushing Strength (1)

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