The Star-Struck City, Deluxe Edition


At long last, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

We’re excited to bring you the deluxe edition of The Star-Struck City. Featuring fantastic artwork from Boris Samec, custom miniatures and terrain images throughout the work, and rule tweaks to help further improve your campaign experiences, and much more. We’ve also worked to make sure the at-cost print edition from Lulu is as polished as possible, so if you’re looking for a hard copy for your gaming table we’ve got you covered!

The Star-Struck City sets players in the sunken ruins of Perditus, formerly known as Casa-Omnicidi. Once, it was a Primavantor city of incredible wealth recently risen from the seabed. Treasure and danger alike await your warbands, as they travel through the waterlogged city in search of the shards of the meteor that struck down the once-mighty port city and drove it beneath the waves.

Star-Struck City is a skirmish game, designed around playing with small warbands of 5-15 models on a 4′ x 4′ table loaded with terrain. Warband members advance, gaining new skills, equipment, and injuries as they survive the rigors of battle in this deadly locale. Climb up buildings and run between rooftops, leap down to ambush enemies from above, hire war machines and epic heroes from the Kings of War armies, and build your warband’s reputation as the fiercest and toughest fighters in all of Mantica.

The rules are based heavily on Kings of War, so players of the full-size wargame should feel right at home. It’s heavily inspired by other skirmish games such as Mordheim, but with the ease-of-play the Kings of War rules provide so gameplay is quick and decisive.

As the surviving veterans of The Star-Struck City have said: Perditus now only offers riches or death. What will you find?

Hardcopy of rulebook on Lulu

9/17/16 edit: Due to a legal request from Mantic, we unfortunately can’t offer a version of Star-Struck City for sale. For the moment, the free digital copy should still be ok!

Google Docs High Resolution

Google Docs Low Resolution

Dropbox Low Resolution

Scribd High Resolution

Scribd Low Resolution

8/11/16 Edit: Unfortunately, due to issues with the font embedding in the low-resolution files, the Low Resolution options have “squished” font titles. While we work on fixing this issue, we strongly recommend accessing one of the high-resolution options instead!


Happy gaming!

Changelog from the v1.1 Basic Rules to this v2.0 release is under the cut:

  • Added +1 Ra to Shooting skill list
  • Removed Mastery levels of +2” Spd, +1 Ra, +1 Me, +1 De, and +1/1 To skills
  • Moved Explorer skill from Shooting to Agility
  • Removed Explorer Expertise and Mastery
  • Removed Heroic Presence Expertise and Mastery
  • Removed Terrifying Mastery and boosted Terrifying Expertise
  • Remove Crossbows from Common warband-specific lists
  • Remove Ra and Piercing from Beasts and adjust gp cost to match
  • Reduced cost for Poison, Banner, Instrument, Trap, Holy Water/Tainted Blood, and Ale Cask
  • Clarified effects of +1 Ra bonuses for units with Ra ‘-’
  • Reduced Ra values to ‘-’ for pets, removed Piercing, and reduced Attacks for them as well.
  • Added Beast to some Large units (such as elementals)
  • Changed how Special Rules allow Injury table rerolls

Please note that the Basic rules will be updated to reflect the v2.0 deluxe release as soon as possible, but are still currently v1.1 as of this publication.




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