V1.1 Update for The Star-Struck City

Cool-Text-166280279351737We’ve had an absolutely smashing response from readers in their enthusiasm for The Star-Struck City’s initial announcement, and there has been some outstanding feedback on balance and layout topics for the Basic Ruleset.

With that in mind, we’ve updated the Basic Rules, now v1.1, to take into account those changes. A full changelog is listed below, but for those of you looking to dive right in, here’s the polished ruleset:

The Star-Struck City – Basic Rules (v1.1)

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Major Changes
    • General formatting cleanup (Courtesy of ‘Halberd3000’)
    • Separated rules for basic skirmish game from campaign game rules, so it’s both easier to play one-off games as well as introduce and slot in new rules for expansions
    • Rebalanced all unit costs. Large units are still typically 2-3x more expensive than normal units, but not 5-10x like they could be before. Flying units, especially Gargoyles, typically see a price increase.
    • Removed Distracted modifier for attacks
    • Removed the rules regarding Bulky units. Large units move like normal infantry, Cavalry and Large Cavalry units move in (mostly) straight lines
    • Flee Check rolls have been altered to start at 50% losses instead of 25%
    • Changed how Starmetal is sold to avoid huge game-breaking paydays
    • Very tall multilevel terrain allow units to shoot over significantly shorter (6″+ shorter) intervening terrain.
    • Changed the Leader bonus to +1/1 Toughness, Inspiring, and a single Skill. Also removed “dead” Experience penalty for Leaders as well.
    • Healing-related Special Rules now offer multiple rolls on Injuries, taking the highest result.
    • Added warband roster sheet, courtesy of user ‘Lach’
  • Unit Changes/Additions:
    • Orcs now get Fight Wagon Mounts
    • Twilight Kin now get Darkscythe Chariot Mounts
    • Added Stampede unit for The Herd
    • Removed “Thrown Weapons” from Beast units, and instead changed those Beast units’ Spd to 9.
    • Cost of skills for the Skilled base units has been reduced to +3gp from +10gp
    • All basic units and the basic skilled unit all have a minimum of 6+ Ra
  • Equipment Changes
    • Removed Me penalties for Ranged weapons
    • Added single Hand Crossbows
    • Differentiated Hand Crossbows from Pistols (Pistols get +1 Piercing)
    • Big Shield got renamed to Tower Shield, and clarified what weapons can be used with it
    • Added Common Equipment lists to all warbands
  • New Skills
    • Beasts can now take the ‘Awakened’ Magic Skill, which removed the penalties normally associated with the Beast special rule
    • Added ‘Reach’ Melee Skill
    • Added ‘Haymaker’ Melee Skill
    • Added ‘Acrobat’ Agility Skill
    • Added ‘Herbalist’ Good Skill
  • Miscellaneous Changes
    • Specified differing base sizes for units/Mounts
    • Knockback over an edge now automatically causes the unit to take Fall Checks to avoid damage, rather than rolling to see if they needed to roll Fall Checks.
    • Added specific wording for Monsters from Kings of War
    • Large units can now use Equipment.
    • Beasts can now Climb
    • Fly now allows a reroll on Fall checks, rather than ignoring them entirely.
    • City’s “current” name has been changed to Perditus/The Lost Jewel (Depending on if you’re asking the Brotherhood or the Tirdent Realms). The two references in the text to the city name have been generalized to enable better compatibility with future expansions
    • Cleaned up and clarified Scenario list and setups/objectives
    • Optional rule for contingents added (Selecting sub-force from warband to play in games, rather than using the whole thing every game)

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