Ironwatch Magazine, Issue 18

ImageIssue 18 of the Ironwatch magazine is now available for your reading pleasure!

Please select any of the below links to view the Ironwatch Issue 18 pdf.

Google Docs Link

Dropbox Link

Scribd Link

Please submit any comments, criticisms, ideas, or inquiries about how you too can help contribute either here in the comments below, or at the following link to the Mantic Forums “Ironwatch Issue 18 Feedback” discussion:

Ironwatch Issue 18 Feedback Discussion

Don’t forget to get your copy of the hard-print edition as well!

Issue 18 Hard Copy


2 thoughts on “Ironwatch Magazine, Issue 18

    • Just email them to me at, or PM me on the Mantic forums! For criteria, we generally look for stories approximately 5-10 pages or less (3K words or so). Larger is fine too, but expect it to be cut into pieces and published over the course of more than one issue of the magazine. For the story itself, as long as it’s nominally Mantic-related and kept at PG-13 rating, we’d love to publish your submission!

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