Ironwatch Magazine, Issue 01

Cover_Ish1On September 1st, we released the first issue of Ironwatch, available for viewing and downloading from Google Docs and Dropbox. Now, we’ve also uploaded it to Scribd as well, for your viewing convenience. Please select any of the below links to view the Ironwatch Issue 01 pdf.

Google Docs Link

Dropbox Link

Scribd Link

Please submit any comments, criticisms, ideas, or inquiries about how you too can help contribute either here in the comments below, or at the following link to the Mantic “Ironwatch Issue 01 Feedback” discussion:

Ironwatch Issue 01 Feedback Discussion

Issue 01 Hard Copy

Table of Contents:

Dreadball Kickstarter           4

Enforcer Models and Army Deals         5

Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, and Dwarf King’s Hold:

Argun’s Luck, by Matt Gilbert         6

Sage Advice & Random Musings, by Bil           14

March of Battle: A KoW Campaign Supplement, by Doug Newton-Walters         17

The Siege of Berhoe, by Matt I. 33

Making a Splash at the Table: River Tutorial and Scenario by Jack Evans 37

The Chronicles of Grelink, by Ryan Shaw 41

Dwarven Engineering: Converting Dwarven Rangers, by Matthäus Mieczkowski 42

Kings of War Skirmishes: Rules for 500 Point Special Games, by Stuart Smith 46

Raising the Dead: An Undead Battleforce Review, by Shane Baker 48

Wrath of the Storm Lord: A set of Scenarios for KoW, by Stuart Smith 50

Warpath, Project Pandora, Dreadball, and Deadzone:

The Last Guards, by Aaron Leahy         57

Battle Report: Raid on Velestra IV, by Neil Dixon         61

Asset Procurement Part 1, by Michael Grey         71

ROUT! Comic, by Max Jet   80


Printout tokens for use with the March of Battle campaign      81


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